What We Do

  • Repairs Rewind of electrical LT & HT motor,  A.C stators and Rotors generator alternator transformer upto 13.8 KV made to its original designed specification and tested according to the international standards.
  • MFG & Supply of wound coils set for medium and high voltage A.C stators/ Rotors in class F & H original shape & size.
  • Repairs & Rewinding of DC motor generators armature & traction motor replacement of field coil, interpole coil & commutators as per original equalent.
  • We give on site service repair rewind & Overhauling LT & HT motors generator Alternator
  • We MFG in house commutator & slipring as per original equalent & drawing.
  • We also provides field services of our technicians & engineers to carry out through repair & overhauls of your AC/DC motor, generators, & transformers of site or at our  works.
  • Rotor re-bearing, supply, of bars a shape and joint less end rings.
  • Rebuilding of run out shaft & housing using low heat thermal spray technology replacement of new shaft and bearing housing.
  • Stators, rotors & Armatures core re-stagger re-building & replacement.
  • Repairs, electrical LT/HT motor Rewinding redesigning and reconditioning of armatures magnet frames DC motors, Generators & traction motors manufacturing of spare coil of different sizes & shapes.

HT Stator

HT Stator

HT Stator

AC Traction Motor Stator

AC Stator

Slipn Ring Rotor

Slipn Ring Rotor - 1

800HP 3.3KV Slipring Rotor Rewind

DC Armature

DC Motor Rewind

DC Motor Rewind

DC Traction Motors

DC Motor Armature

Traction Motor

ABB Motors

AC Motor Rewind